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You can tell who Obama really wants to take care of as President, now that it’s the final days of his administration:  convicted criminals whose sentences he is commuting at a record pace, terrorists detained in Gitmo he’s racing to release, and now the Cuban dictatorship.  This week Obama ended the so-called “wet feet, dry feet” policy toward Cuban refugees, meaning Cubans who flee that country were given legal status if they reached American soil.  Nobody likes illegals but Obama singling out Cubans as unwelcome tells you he wants to take care of the Castro regime, which has done nothing to improve freedoms in exchange for the U.S. normalizing relations.

The White House Correspondents Association held a town hall of its members after Donald Trump refused to take a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta.  CNN had given credence to a fake news story in BuzzFeed about Trump traveling to Russia and paying hookers to pee on a hotel bed where Barack Obama slept in the Presidential suite.  The WHCA refuses to chide Jim Acosta for his boorish behavior, as they did to The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro.  One writer even suggested the woman reporter who was given a question after Acosta might have stood up for him and insist Trump answer Acosta’s question. These people live in a credibility bubble and have no idea what fools they are.

Libertarians can’t get pot legalized fast enough and fret about a Trump administration war on drugs. But the more it’s studied, the worse it looks.  A new study acknowledges the benefits of medical marijuana but rattles off a laundry list of the effects of heavy or recreational use, from schizophrenia to heart attacks.  To paraphrase the world’s oldest hippie who opposes recreational pot, Jerry Brown, is more stoned people a good thing?

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