Perhaps it was my imagine that before and on Christmas more people have said Merry Christmas to me opposed to saying Happy Holidays. It seems as if Trump not being intimidated of saying Merry Christmas gave so many people the green light to shed the clothing of Political Correctness. How refreshing. However, Jesus’s in nativity displays all across the country have been taken. A Somali refugee in Austria terrorized a children’s Christmas play by jumping up on stage and yelling “Kill the infidels”. While Trump said the Berlin truck attack was an act of terror against all humanity, which it certainly was, it was also an attack on Christianity. Here in lies where people should be outraged. Instead the media focuses on attacks from Trump supporters that eventually are exposed as hoaxes and constructed fake news by the perpetrators. Trump should not allow a hostile press to ask him anything. They are not out for honest answers. They are out to corner him and take him down. Yet, it is Obama who hurts our country and the press are no different than horses with blinders on. Displaying his hatred for Israel and Netanyahu by not vetoing the UN’s resolutions and the dictating of Israel cease to build within their own country. Imagine if America wanted to build in, oh let’s say, Montana. Imagine if China or Russia declared we were not allowed to do so. Two thousand years ago Jews and Christians were not on the best of terms. Today Christians and Jews are persecuted by Democrats and Liberals and let us not forget radical Islamics. Today, Christians and Jews are the best of allies and we need to rise as one against antisemitism and the silencing of Christianity… and it all starts with saying Merry Christmas again. Thank you President-elect Trump! and God bless America and Israel.