Ben Domenech want on a bizarre rant Wednesday evening after Politico terminated a writer for an obscene tweet.  Julia Ioffe tweeted that Trump could be having sex with Ivanka.

Ioffe deleted the tweet and apologized for it.

Too late. She got canned from Politico. Actually, she was ending a contract with them so she could start writing at The Atlantic. Politico issued a statement to the effect that Ioffe’s contract termination would be accelerated.  The Atlantic said nothing, so either it’s too soon to tell whether this costs her that job as well, or stuff like this is just baked into the cake at The Atlantic.

The weird twist was Domenich blaming the mob, or perhaps blaming the management of Politico for caving to a mob.  It’s all the same.

There’s more to his twitter rant, but you get the idea.

What Ioffe said was obscene, not something seasoned commentators or the general public could politely disagree on.  Good people are right to take offense at it.  The firing came swiftly, so it’s not even clear that a mob, as Domenech called it, was a factor here.  Recall Politico also fired an editor who threatened to take a baseball bat to a Richard B. Spencer event only a few weeks ago. Ioffe’s firing was not capricious and arbitrary.  Evidently Politico has standards, their lousy left wing political reporting not withstanding.  Both were fired so fast there was never time to gin up the outrage Ben Domenech finds so low brow.

What’s crazy is that Ben Domenech considers Julia Ioffe untouchable, and it’s those of us who find her level of gratuitous obscenity unacceptable who constitute an unruly mob.  In his world, there are no lines to be crossed, no conduct or speech that is inconsistent with the propriety of a site like Politico or The Federalist.  There’s just Julia and her smutty tweet and damn your social justice warrior proclivities for condemning it in large numbers.

What have we been fighting the mainstream media for these many years if not because of people like Julia Ioffe?  If Politico chooses to defend her and not fire her, that’s their problem.   It’s not, as Domenech implied, some larger failing to stand by your writers, no matter who they publicly accuse of incest. If Domenech wants to stand by his own version of Julia Ioffe, that’s his prerogative.  Ioffe has savaged the Trumps in her writing.  So this tweet is not a one off. Of course, Domenech would never hire such a person.  That’s his preemptive soft acquiescence to social justice warriors on the right who sneer at Alex Jones, Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and others.  The Federalist went dark on most of its Trump criticism as the election reached a crescendo.  They ultimately understood what was at stake.  But their writing cadre reads like a #NeverTrump who’s who.  Their editorial impulse is to give the benefit of the doubt to Julia Ioffe, not the unwashed Trumpists.

The enemy for Ben Domenech here is a big group of people who are so offended by Julia Ioffe’s obscenity, which now even she regrets. You’re the mob. You make him uncomfortable and he thus protests too loudly.

In Ben’s little fraternity, it’s imperative to  stand up to you, and defend her.