My first guest is Pundit John Biver.

JohnBiverJohn Biver is a writer, activist, and analyst with over twenty-five years of experience in the political arena.

John is a Christian, an American citizen, and he currently works as the Director of Special Projects for the Illinois Family Institute.

When not earning a living the old fashioned way in the private sector, he has worked at the RNC and on Capitol Hill in DC, and at the state and local level in Illinois politics and government.

Biver continues to advise candidates and officeholders, and is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College, where he studied political philosophy and political science.

His personal website is

John asked if, for the first time ever, he could ask ME the questions. So we’ll be mixing it up and talking about the election, Trumps appointments and policies, Mainstream Media, and Obama.


My second guest will be Retired Marine Officer Freddie Blish.

freddieblishusmcUSMC LtCol (Ret) Freddie Blish joined the Marine Corps on 25 Feb 1983.

Blish served in the 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Marine Corps Security Force Company Panama (Operation Promote Liberty), 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division (JTF-6 Counter Drug), Marine Forces Pacific/Korea/Central Command (Operation Desert Thunder), Headquarters Marine Corps, and MWSG-37 3rd MAW (Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II).

Freddie is the President/Owner of Robar Companies, Inc.® and instructor at Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper’s Gunsite Academy.

Freddie and I will talk about the election and Trump’s appointments, with focus on General USMC (Ret) James Mattis, who is on President-elect Donald Trump’s short list for Secretary of Defense (SecDef) and General USMC John Kelly who’s on the short list for Secretary of the Navy (SecNav).

Blish will give us great insight on both these warriors — you won’t want to miss this conversation. Freddie owns a broad and deep knowledge of the military, history, government, and politics, and is only “liberal” with his wisdom and opinions!

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