Spirit cooking was included in the grand finale of 30 or so dumps of Wikileaks documents, mostly from or revolving around Hillary Clinton campaign man John Podesta.  Evidently this involves such items as sperm, breast milk, and menstrual blood.  OK.  What does that have to do with Donald Trump’s election chances or Hillary’s fitness for office?  Infuriating stuff, to be sure, in those hacked emails over the past weeks, but enough to tip the scales for the election.

Also…many do believe James Comey’s revelation of additional Hillary Clinton emails on computers belonging to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were a head shot to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  As the mainstream media was arguing about their veracity, Fox News’ Bret Baier cited an anonymous source who said an indictment was imminent over the Clinton Foundation, then he retracted that claim.

Also…a mysterious casting call was sent out for a new conservative TV network asking for “upscale and intelligent” hosts.  What’s going to happen to conservative media in the Trump era, or the Clinton era?  Our predictions.

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