download-11Live Saturday 9/17 7am PDT/10am EDT.  Donald Trump lured the media into a press event in his new DC hotel Friday.  Sensing perhaps they would not sit still for his bragging about the new facility, and because he again taunted the press with birther remarks, Trump promised “a big announcement.” His last word on birtherism, right?  Yes, but not until he paraded past military dignitaries in front of the podium. He then gave a short refuation on his prior flirtations with birtherism – claiming Hillary Clinton started it and he ended it, and left, answering no questions.  The press howled questions from the back row not unlike Code Pink catcalls.  Jake Tapper remarked the press had been Rickrolled. Trump burned them again.

ALSO: David Brock is offering cash for dirt on Donald Trump.  Observers say it crosses a line, but Trump has been on the receiving end of this before – late in the GOP primaries – when he was pulling away and there was little else #NeverTrump PACs could seem to do to beat him.


Later in the day, Trump said Hillary Clinton should give up her armed detail and “see what happens.”

ALSO: Jimmy Fallon gets ripped by his own on the left for being too soft on Trump.


The next night he wears a surgical mask when he welcomes Hillary Clinton.


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