2616178_origThis episode of The Marty O Radio Show discusses a Myriad of topics from politics in old time movies, Obama insulting American’s throughout his history, Hillary’s pulling her own Romney-esque 47% comment to Trump Supporters, how half our country has lost it’s patriotism since we all hung our flags on our porches the day after 9/11, and truly so much more topics that one could shake a stick at. However, here, as well in the show I would like to make a statement. I have always been an NFL fan. I have seen every Super bowl since the very first Super bowl (I am a very big Packers fan). From Bart Starr, Paul Horning, Jim Taylor, the “Ice Bowl” etc. to Rogers. By the NFL denying the Cowboys to honor the fallen policemen in Dallas, to an upcoming threat to fine a player for remembering 9/11 and wearing 9/11 cleats as a tribute… Yet, to allow players to not respect the American flag (which granted is the players right). I also have a right; I shall exercise my right to not watch one football game including the Super bowl this year unless the NFL stops supporting negatives and denies positives. (There’s always lingerie football!… Do they still do that? :o). And yes, I can certainly trace even this NFL flag thing to Obama going back to the Beer Summit. Thanks Obama for dividing our country like no enemy could ever have.