Former GOP candidate for President Carly Fiorina threw her support behind Donald Trump.  Fiorina seemed immovable.  She frequently spoke out against Hillary Clinton but was known to say she “would not lift a finger” to help Trump get elected.

Fiorina spoke to the Washington State Republican Party Thursday night at their fall event.

  • Linda Flora

    Awesome. Now Cruz. Bush and John K. It’s your turn. Get on the #trumptrain

    • ftsmd

      They don’t want to join the “DEPLORABLE” team?

      • honeybuckets

        Kasich is a Dim; he won’t budge and too, he received Soro’s money so, he can’t give the Republican nominee any help.

        Cruz is simply stuck on stupid…

        • falling321

          Do you really insulting their supporters is going to move the needle for Donald? You are as dumb as Trump is!

          • honeybuckets

            Of course we would welcome ALL… but only a twinkie would consider my ‘stuck on stupid’ a reason to be a traitor to the country.

          • falling321

            A traitor? For not voting for a corrupt liar like Trump? The ones who I would consider traitors (although I would not actually call anyone that over their voting choice!) are the ones who are voting for Trump OR Hillary! Both are totally corrupt liars, the only difference between them is that her corruption played out n the more public arena of politics, while his has played out in the more private arena of business and our court system. They will BOTH take their tendency to do or say anything, no matter how badly it hurts someone, if it would gain them a bit of personal power or financial benefit!

    • Jackie Overton

    • Margolise

      Do you think your guy can’t win without Cruz’s endorsement? If not, why do you care if he gives it or not?

      • honeybuckets

        I just cannot imagine Cruz supporters are satisfied sitting idly by and refusing to participate in the saving of the country. That would be a hard thing to live with… that’s all.

  • lauraroberts

    She has also frequently trashed Trump….what’s wrong Cruz baby let you down?

  • Luis Velasquez

    We are the force, the American people have been through tough times before, and now, we must get together to stop this non sense, the Obama’s non sense, for cry not loud, it’s just a mouse, making a mess around the house!!

  • DelRioRoy

    This also is a lead-in for a Cruz endorsement of TRUMP. . [Wait and See].

    • honeybuckets

      How much are you willing to bet?

    • Margolise

      Why are you obsessed with Cruz?

      • Jayne

        Why is he obsessed with not supporting his party’s nominee and helping to defeat that deplorable Clinton?

        • Margolise

          I don’t know if he is obsessed. I certainly wouldn’t endorse somebody who attacked my spouse and father – especially after he said he wouldn’t endorse me if the shoe was on the other foot. But does one man’s endorsement matter? Do you think it will make a difference in getting Trump elected?

          • Virginia Coverdale

            Give me a break. Cruz team spread that old pic of Melania that was a bit risque all over Utah but Cruz denies things more than Hillary Clinton. OF COURSE he knew. Ex staffer of Cruz said the “Carsons out” line just before Iowa primary was in fact planned weeks before. Why do you think Carson backed Trump and not Cruz? As far as Cruz’s father he was in a pic with Oswald. He may have been CIA and infiltrating the group but he was there. Notice they NEVER denied that. When Cruz’s father said HORRIBLE things about Trump he raised the question. Why is he in this pic? Fair game. Cruz people seem to always forget WHO STARTED IT. They want to live in blissful ignorance that Cruz had no knowledge of any dirty tricks and is beyond reproach. Yet everyone close to Cruz in the Senate HATE him. You think its because he is an “outsider”. What a joke. He worked for the Bush’s and his wife is trying to create the Americas version of the EU. They are globalists. Enough of believing that Cruz was the second coming of the Lord. He is a man. Not the worst man and certainly no more honest than the rest running. He fought hard and he LOST. If he had any class or any dignity or cared about this country at all he would be doing all he can to help Trump. “he called me names so I’m going to help Hillary” what is he 12? Thank you Carly, your support will not be forgetton. Carly is putting her country before her personal feelings. Cruz needs to try it.

          • VIBC

            You see Virginia stupid cows like yourself believe that BS..Cruz as has been proven had nothing to do with those pics of Melanomia..School yard bullshit as far as the rest of your comment is concerned…shouldn’t you be in an alley somewhere hard at work?

          • 2 Spooky

            If you cared about this country you would have voted for Cruz.. So if Hilda wins its stupid voters like you that get what you deserve.

          • Jayne

            Of course one man’s endorsement matters. Cruz finished second and had a great number of supporters. The way the game is played is that the second guy endorses, thus giving the opening for his supporters to now support the nominee.

            Every republican conservative guy with public influence who trashes Trump, or publicly refuses to endorse, costs votes. And that hurts Trump’s chances and improves Clinton’s. And as the race appears tight, these influences may very well give Clinton the win. Bad outcome, imo.

        • 2 Spooky

          Maybe because Trump is deplorable too.Cruz has principles,he knows Trump is a pig. And I doubt seriously Carly endorsed Trump..this is the only place reporting this story.

          • Jayne

            Yea, I agree, I doubt this story about Fiorina also. I could find no other references.

            My obsession is with defeating Clinton. Therefore I am enthusiastically supporting the Republican who can defeat her.

  • pokenhorn

    Good. Better late than never.

  • honeybuckets

    Thank you Carly!

  • Marie

    Thank you Carly! I know you were insulted during the primaries, but I will take insulting words any day over murderous actions!

    • honeybuckets

      Exactly… Maybe it was love of country over personal feelings and politics..

      • Thor2923

        There is no other choice! The 3rd parties are a joke and Hillary speaks for herself!

  • rocco

    Thank you Carly and levin, waiting on Cruz now

    • Margolise

      I thought Cruz was irrelevant now. Why do you need him to endorse your guy?

      • Ann M Stout

        we don’t NEED him to endorse Trump it is a matter of party unity and future how shall we say it? future career moves that he should hop on board for…. Cruz is irrelevant when it comes down to it but he did sign a contract just like all the rest of them did saying he would support who ever was nominated no matter how grudgingly….

        • VIBC

          Trump made that contract null and void with his third party threats

          • 2 Spooky


      • Thor2923

        In a close race even the few thousand people that could be influenced by Cruz could make a difference. I hope we get Cruz and Kasich on board.

        • VIBC

          Katshit..maybe..Cruz..not in your wettest dreams

    • Kathy Allen

      Yes, he needs to show some guts and humility.

      • VIBC

        He shows both daily

      • 2 Spooky

        Why he’s Canadian remember? Cruz won’t and neither will his supporters..I know I won’t ,I have principles.

  • Terry G.

    Carly you were my first pick. And the first time I’ve donated money was to your campaign. I stAyed with you until you got out. Trump was the next outsider for me! Now I’m on the train to November 8th! Im glad you made an unselfish choice! It’s who you are! Welcome aboard!! And, by the way, you’re an adorable deplorable!

  • sparhawk

    I would love to see you on the Trump train and in his cabinet. I think you would do a wonderful job and we just love you. You speak your mind. You have a good spirit about you. Best to you and all you do. Take care!

  • Jayne

    Class act, Fiorina! Excellent judgement putting country before personal insults. Very classy lady, but she has long made that clear. Pence/Fiorina 2024!

  • Michelle Castañeda

    It’s about time.

  • How could she swing to Trump after professing to be Cruz’ running mate? Let me see a video of her saying this cuz I find it hard to believe.

    • Virginia Coverdale

      She is putting her country first.

  • Charlene Geren

    Carly is a brilliant lady…now she has CLASS!!! Go Trump!!

    • Margolise

      But she’s too ugly to be president, right? I mean, who would want to look at THAT FACE?

      • Virginia Coverdale

        Carly had every right to fight to win and she did take plenty of shots at Trump too. He was upset about it he sees her and her own people warned her she could come off a little snarky and he made a rude comment. In fact it was the only comment Trump ever said that pissed me off. I take that back ..making a shot on Iowans was dumb..I was like noooooooo. So those two comments I didn’t like. However he CLEARLY was not talking about her looks. Everyone knows Carly is very pretty. He was mad at her and her barbs and he was talking about her persona. Had Carly actually been unattractive I would have been more pissed but since she is very pretty it was obvious he was upset with her personality. They were at war and the barbs were flying both directions. Since Carly is tough and a patriot her actions here are not unexpected. We can not let Hillary Clinton near the WH.

  • Dr. Christopher Lee


  • LukeJohn

    Have a good look at Carly Democrats – She really could be the first female POTUS in a few years. A damn sight more intelligent, ethical and classy than Clinton could ever be.

  • gluten

    Carly u R a real patriot! I had me worried the re for a while.

  • 2mrixl1

    One more sees the light.

  • the American

    I’m just wondering what the Rino Queen is expecting in return for her endorsement?

  • keenosmith

    Carly would have been an outstanding choice for Vice President. Any way we can make that happen at this late date?

  • I felt inspired by her. Now I’m glad she’s doing this.

  • camelalampert

    Carly: I met you in New Hampshire at a home in Bedford, I knew you were a stand-up person! We cannot allow a crook and a liar into the W.H. with her pervert husband….so happy you have joined our Team for Trump!

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