To listen to the media tell it, this election is all but over, primarily due to Trump’s continued “gaffes” that validate his lack of qualifications, intelligence and even his sanity. Polls show him in a death spiral, media pundits and propagandists in their unholy alliance with the GOP Establishment want us to believe we need not show up to vote because it’s all about Hillary’s “experience”. But we believe there are dynamics that indicate this election is anything but over, because it i anything but normal. Tonight we began a series designed to present to you why we believe this election is not in the bag for anyone. We discussed Denis Kleinfeld’s article in Newsmax that very simply explains why Trump could win this election, primarily because the upcoming debates will remove Hillary’s “cover” and provide optics not unlike those viewed in the Kennedy/Nixon debates. Then there is the issue of baggage, something Hillary carries much more than Trump. Then there are registration rolls that ignore the new influx of voters. Finally, the issue of party affiliation as these rolls show the 2 party system is in danger of going extinct.



  • Joyceann Carriger

    Those con-sewer-ative labeled republicans are the politicians who didn’t listen to we, the people. We voted them in, they voted with Ryan and Obama, and we will vote them out as soon as we get to them. We all signed a pledge, and the RNC better keep their pledge. We don’t like liars, and if you can’t back the unsilent majority, we don’t need you. We don’t take polls, and to think those YUGE rallys are non-voters is just plain stupid. You don’t know who we are, and since we are from many parties, ethnicities, and religions, how can you count us or TRUMP as losing. He’s not going to lose because TRUMP is who the people want. Democrats lost their party to progressive socialists and Republicans lost theirs to rino progressive con-sewer-ative politicians. So we have gathered a party of We, the people. You’ve never seen an election like this one because there hasn’t been an election like this one. We, the people, have gathered and we are no longer silent.