This week a look at recent poll results, including tonight’s polls. I also look at the continuing rumblings from the GOP elites, are they really prepared to give Hillary the election just because they do not have a hold on the Donald. What happened to ‘We The people’? Is this 1775 all over again?

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The Founding Fathers felt that a politically educated and active population was the best guardian of Liberty for this great country. Let us re-awaken that spirit and return our country to its true calling and former glory.

Lexington 1775

  • My fellow Americans please let your beliefs be fair and true. Our country is FREE, so let its PRIDE show and be heard through the no hack, proud, working, honest, giving and LIVE Donald Trump for president. This is happening NOW and the past is a TRUE TEACHER of the correct way to BE ALIVE…

  • Joyceann McDaniel

    I know the elites do not want a person they cannot control, and that is mainly why he is the only one I will vote for. It is our last chance. I don’t know about tyranny but we won’t vote for anyone else, so Killery will win if they don’t keep their pledge and get behind TRUMP. No, we will not vote for the nomination the party cheats for, only in a fair vote. #TRUMP4AMERICA