Steve Cooper talks with actor Robert Beltran. Robert is best known for his role of Commander Chakotay which he played for 7 seasons on Star Trek: Voyager. He got his acting start in the movie Zoot Suit and since then has been seen in Eating Raoul, Lone Wolf McQuade, Night of the Comet, Bugsy and Nixon to name a few. His TV credits include co-starring in Models Inc., recurring in Big Love and guest starring on numerous shows such as Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote, Midnight Caller, CSI: Miami, Medium and many others.

Robert Beltran

  • Kwinana

    Hi Steven,

    thanks for doing that interesting interview with Robert Beltran.
    It made my laugh a lot, especially that memory of a “crazy German fangirl” who showed up at his frontdoor one day.

    However, the really funny thing is that Robert did not mention that *finally* when he was 57, another German girl made it to become his wife and mother of their daughter :-))))

    Btw, I’m German, too, however I’ve never met him execpt at some conventions… 😉

    • Steven Cooper

      Thanks for listening. It was a fun interview and he was a great and engaging guy.

  • Carol

    Brilliant! Great interview. Thank you Steven.

    Robert was delightful and funny!

    Guess I had better go to a Convention and watch all the fun!

    PS Kwinana – are you near to Cockburn?