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Episode #157: Possums on a Half Shell are for Lovers

In this episode, we discuss:

Scalia and the US Senate; New Giant confederate flag on I-95; Fines for smoking in your cars with kids…; Possum on a half shell are for Lovers; The Theory of Everything except straws.

First World Problems: Gravitation making waves; Congress banning states from internet access taxes; Lobbying vs. R&D;  Special Forces are Extremists; Hillary’s Second Race Firewall; North Korea Execution Shenanigans; North Korea Satellite wobbling; Meth use Economic Disparity; The ISIS Peace Troubadour; Kanye West Begging for a Billion; Global Warming COULD lengthen Flights; Skeet shooting; Lobster Scams; Assault with a deadly alligator; Go Fund me for tattoo removal;  Krispie Kreme Challenge Heart Attack; Watch porn to save whales.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Tom

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