ABC News handles the eighth GOP debate, and the first after the Iowa caucuses and last before the New Hampshire primary

We’ll tell you what we think – right after the main debate.

The Original and Classic Gang of 405 is BACK!


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John Grant aka @johng405

[VIDEO] Tami Jackson Speaks At OR Gun Rally

Tami Jackson aka @tamij

N. Scott Jones aka @POPSRadio

  • Joyceann McDaniel

    Thank goodness the next debate is not handled by Fox News. Roger is wrapped around the Killymouth and refuses to give the people who petitioned in yuge numbers to have another moderator or we wouldn’t watch. We were not watching the debate before we found out TRUMP wasn’t coming. We got to watch a good rally benefiting the vets instead. We heard the viewership was way down, well, don’t attribute it to just not having TRUMP attend, as we meant what we said, and wasn’t watching any debate she moderates.

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