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In this episode, we discuss:

Happy Australia Day!!!

Follow-up: Our apologies to Eddie Murphy.

Snow sledding on cardboard; Snow prep at Whole Foods; An Inefficient Society Book; Urban Dictionary Game of Chicken; Samitism one-upsmanship: Mongolian throat singer; Paw Paw Consultant; Train your own H1-B replacement; Violating the no call list; Productivity and Robotics.

Hard Hitting Tech News: Ad Block disinvited to Online Ad Conference; Dogs in courts; Pete Rose’s 10 year old arguement for reinstatement; Clinton planted question at town hall; Bernie and Trump honesty?

Racktivists Update: 13hrs is War Porn?; Women in IT TV shows; Pre-Op Tranny Olympics.

 Episode #154:Snow Sledding On Cardboard

Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Tom

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