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Episode #145: The Pope Fired Boehner

In this episode, we discuss:

Comfortable Dental Equipment; Yogi Berra Tribute; #blackbearlivesmatter; KKK Lawyer?; Europeans in Bicycle Shorts don’t help your economy.

Gay Axis Update:  Homosexual State Religion; San Fran Jails to integrate trannies in jails; Jenner Poster that goes to far?

Obama is pope-like?; The Pope Fired Boehner; Scott Walker Drops Out; The Anti-Religious Hollywood; NYT Launches Congressional Jew Tracker.

First World Problems: Siri Interrupting a White House Press Conference; Meet Assault

International Updates: Maggie Thatcher on the $10 Bill; Hajj Stampede.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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