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Episode #143: No one cares about your problems

In this episode, we discuss:

Remember the words of our enemies; Non-Believers Sponsored Highways; High Speed Rail in California and Florida; National Guardsman Absentee Funeral Presenter; International News: Global Warming leads to Spying, of course…; Australian Shaming Tax “Avoidance”; The VA “redefinies” its backlog; Sesame Street doesn’t need tax dollars after all; Trump polling well; Trump at Military Academy; New Jersey Teacher is late 111 times.

Obanamonics Update: US DOJ goes after  Wall Street Executives; Government Workers outnumber manufacturing workers almost 2 to 1; Senator Pre-Kaine goes after Gun sales.

LGBT Axis Update: $200k federal Sexist wikipedia grant

First World Problems:  No one cares about your problems; European Demographics Problems

Hillary Update:  A half-hearted apology from Clinton; Clinton fan will judge her emails.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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