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Episode #139: Fightin’ Joe and Deez Nuts

In this episode, we discuss:

Follow up: Lesbian Couple’s naming convention.

Hope springs eternal as an Army football fan; An Incompetent Exterminator; Ashley Madison publicity; New Car Service: Decorative Denting; Liberal reasons why veterans aren’t employed…No Unions; Muslim Tartan Kilts.

Hard Hitting News: We are the World’s Train Police; Revenge of the Pokémon Nerds; White House; Launches a Tumblr account; Clinton Email “Explanation”; RNC Staffer in Clinton Library; Deez Nuts Endorsements; Fightin’ Joe; Planned Parenthood defended by Satanists; Margret Sanger sayings; Obama Doctrine Advises Ukraine to lay down against Putin; Racktivists Protests in NYC.

Virginia Update: McDonnell headed to prison; Low security racquetball prisons.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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