Fox News “top 10” debate format and a second earlier debate for all the rest of the candidates kicks off the start of a smaller slate of debates for the 2016 election cycle.

We’ll tell you what we think of both. Will it be forgettable sooner than later, or set the tone for the fortunes of candidates from this point on?

No consultants, no focus groups, no white boards.  Just us.


The Original and Classic Gang of 405 is BACK!


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John Grant aka @johng405

[VIDEO] Tami Jackson Speaks At OR Gun Rally

Tami Jackson aka @tamij

Scott Jones
Scott Jones

N. Scott Jones aka @POPSRadio

  • live in Ohio

    I live in North east Ohio, and the Fox news network is broken their is no Audio?? it is just Fox news. Is anyone else having this problem??

    • the405radio

      Can you get to iHeart radio? I listened to it on KOGO radio.

  • Jones just made a good point. They are so tired of standard standard, they’ll go for Trump