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Episode #129: Colonoscopy Bullying

In this episode, we discuss:

Welcome new host Rob, we picked him up at a Home Depot, Bud Light Ice Worthy; Bug-A-Salt  SWAT member, Thinking about your thinking recap; This Juice box for my Homey; Declaring War on the Home Improvement Industrial Complex; 45 million folks on Food Stamps still; Consumers still skittish but economy is strong?; Chinese Women’s stand on the armpit hairs of their foremothers; Chechens now fighting with lawyers.

 Virginia Updates: Confederate Flag take; War of 1812 License Plate; Hillary Clinton Press Lassos for Sale; Colonoscopy Bullying.

Green Tape Update: Electric Cars worse for the environment than gas; The Sea Sheppard is incompetent in court too; Sea World’s Special Activities Division.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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