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Episode #128: Thinking about Thinking,  Rought.org: The Virginia Conservative Podcast

In this episode, we discuss:

Masha Green take on Marriage; Happy 4th of July Cuban-Americans; Mobile Command Centers latest trip update; Thinking about Thinking; Add sugar to your OJ; Ripping the door off a minivan; Missouri Anti-Right to Work bumper stickers; The NFL sets off Fireworks; Fireworks in Florida; More Military Cuts; Hillary claims colleges are fleecing veterans.

Drop Cable & the LGBTWRDMFQR and Axis Update:: Transgender and Zombies; Gay Boy Scout Troop Leaders; Kids are resilient when convenient; Are gays born that way?  Not according to science; Federal Grants to study Lesbian Obesity; Oregon Sex Changes without parental consent; The Gay Marriage Slippery Slope?

States rights was an American tradition; US Personnel Chief sets a very low bar; Sons of Confederate Veterans taking a beating; Free Tibet from Death Row; We need to pull Hogan’s Heros off the air; 3 West Point Graduates were American Presidents.

International Update: Mexican Drug lord tunnels out; Nigeria’s Population Numbers Game.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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Rought.org,  The #1  Virginia Conservative Podcast plus a little humor…