Guy Benson & Mary Katherine Ham
Guy Benson & Mary Katherine Ham

I welcome authors Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson as we discuss their newly-released book, End of DiscussionEOD is a fascinating discussion on some of the most pressing policy and political issues of the day, and the divisive and vitriolic state of the public discourse today.

Co-author Mary Katherine Ham is an Editor-at-Large for and regular on Fox News Channel, you can catch her weekly on the O’Reilly Factor.  Co-author Guy Benson is Political Editor for Townhall magazine and online, and is a Fox News Contributor.  We will have them BOTH on to learn more about their riveting new book and the state of political discourse in America today.


US Senate Candidate Chrys Kefalas, R-MD

In our B-Block, we are excited to welcome attorney and Republican candidate for US Senate in Maryland, Chrys Kefalas, to weigh in on the two major SCOTUS decisions.  Chrys is a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, a former Justice Department attorney and businessman.  POPS likes this go-getter’s intellect and insights.

It’s an action-packed show!  Join us this Monday at 10 a.m. ET, streaming LIVE at The 405 Radio.