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Episode #126: The Civil Right to Cake and Diet Coke

In this episode, we discuss:

Follow-ups: Water Gun range with goggles; USPS your personal junk mail delivery service; Selling concessions at the FIFA Fight; Job numbers are “positive”.

Virginia Update: WE’RE NUMBER 1, WE’RE NUMBER 1; Virginia Anchor Babies and Baseball Season; You can’t predict crazy.

The Civil Right to Baked Goods in Oregon; The Civil Right to Diet Coke.

First World Problems: Storm Trooper Clad Man; Bronx Ghetto Tours; Buff Kangaroo; Mary Lee visiting Virginia; Orthorexia vs Binge Eating Disorder; Upscale Kentaco Huts; California kid has never seen rain; Jesse Jackson shaking down Silicon Valley; Ranger School Female “Pilot” Program Update; Male Lives Don’t Matter.

Russian Update: Shali’s Back.

Green Tape Update: Pilot whales due to Sonar Pollution; Antarctic sea ice sets new high.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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