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Episode #125: A Loogi is a Federal Wetland

In this episode, we discuss:

We’re Paul In; Thin Blue Line Stickers; Natural Bridge Safari Park; Foamhenge: Another Deteriorating National Treasure; Pre-School Graduations; Marlee Matlin is so dignified; We were hacked by ISIS… or Paul; The Left Turn is always the first to go; God Chose me to be inspired by a child with terribly inflamed hemorrhoids; Nerves of Steel and Rubber; Fathers Fighting the Power; Boy Scouts Ban Testosterone; Eat, Poop and Die Pandas; Habeus Chimpus; A Loogi is now a Federal Wetland; Danish Radio Bunny Slaughter; Alabama nullifies state-sponsored marriages; Northern Ireland still holding out; Barge vs. Submarine in North Korea; Osama Bin Laden was EEO Compliant; Delta Force and Rendition.

Hard Hitting News: IRS Data Breech; The road to a single payer system.

Military Update: BRAC 2005 still hasn’t broken even; Ashton finally realizes Iraqi Army isn’t motivated; Three women recycling in Ranger School; Less than 1% of the US Population has ever been in the military.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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