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Episode #122: Legislating Innovation

In this episode, we discuss:

First World Problems: James Best Died; Falling asleep on the job at Alaskan Airways; Welcome to the IRS, Pot industry; The EU is trying to legislate innovation; Baby Bacon Cafe in London; Paleo Diet: You eat what a caveman could (not would) eat; American Cheetah Parents; Real Life Popeye.

Random Thoughts without Paul; Naval Academy Grad makes the MLB; American School grad is one of the Texas ISIS Shooters; SethMeyers.org Website redirects to Carly for President.

International News: The Castros find God on their deathbeds; Gulf States snub Obama “summit”; Steve Wynn’s take on the US Jobless recovery; The Clintons “just work here”; Virginia Update: Fairfax County Schools are now gender neutral; Russian Navy Seals are actually seals; Lingerie for men; German Smart Gun company going broke.

Featuring No Sir by Phil Cypher.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,


Dan and Paul


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