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Episode #121: Philly is Baltimore is Detroit

In this episode, we discuss:

Don’t mess with Texas Conventions; Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist retires from drawing Mohammed; ISIS Mother interview; Ever been embarrassed by your Mom?; Kentucky Derby infield is never on NBC; Paw Paw Magnate; Kids Bus Stop.

Military Update: Army revises Tattoo policy; US Army Ranger or Bear at Yellowstone; Justice Alito Questions Gay Marriage Lawyer; Lunch Shaming for Oreos.

Hard Hitting News: Bernie Sanders in 2016, Baltimore hooligans are a disgrace to Thugs; Veterans are the reasons for Baltimore riots; Fancy Arby’s in Richmond Virginia; New South Dakota Ad; Homeland security chief, Rand Paul and the 4th amendment.

First World Problems: Aspen Dog Poo Mountain; Strawstrippers.com; Luxury Arby’s; Ancient Grains; Congressional Wealth; Wild Turkey in a bathroom.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,


Dan and Paul


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