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Episode #120: The Purple Heart Paradox

In this episode, we discuss:

Follow up: The Kentaco Hut.

Speed “Enforced” by Aircraft; Monopoly Millionaires Club; Baltimore is a Wonderland; Homeland Moves to German; Eugenics 2.0.

Virginia Update: Ambulance hits deer; Northern Virginia’s 3 degrees of a Government Paycheck; Horse Meat Cartel in Europe; Bull Fighting in Columbia on the decline; Shoe that grows with children’s feet.

Green Tape Update: Portland Sewage to Beer; Man-Made Earthquakes; Norwegian Wolf Mafia.

Vermont, the Progressive Leader; Hillary’s Conflicts of Interest; Nepal Earthquake and Mt. Everest Traffic; Morsi & Morrissey get there 5 minutes in court; DEA Chief Resigns; Government “Efficiency” alive and well in the Secret Service; The LGBT and Axis at Wesleyan College; The Purple Heart Paradox; Forced Illegal Immigration.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,

Dan and Paul

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