Scott Walker flamed the immigration debate by telling Glenn Beck he thinks U.S. immigration policy should be driven by the country’s job market. The Luis Gutierrez wing of the Republican party went apoplectic. John McCain, John Thune, Rob Portman, And Orrin Hatch did as expected and ripped Walker.  But empirical data shows as immigration increases, real wages go down. And Americans believe the current immigration policy in the U.S. needs to be tougher. The H1-B visa is about nothing but jobs. Why is that a one sided argument where one side can get away with calling the other side “Nativists?”  Has Walker started a conversation about reasonable immigration curbs reasonable people can have?

Also: To believe everything you read, McDonald’s in a free fall now.  Ray Kroc was the godfather of the post-war drive-in restaurant boom.  Others came before him, but he wrote the book on mass franchising.  Now restructuring plans include McDonald’s closing hundreds of restaurants. What to do to rebound? Serve breakfast 24/7  Their perennial haters want to see meat and fried anything tossed aside for veggie options. Others say the menu is too big and the company needs to get back to basics – not sure if that means their austere menu in 1955 or the 1967 menu which added the Big Mac.  Has McDonald’s changed or has the restaurant eating public left McDonald’s menu and business model behind.

And – the Free For All!

1. A CNN/ORC poll shows 60% of Americans think business should be obligated to provide services to same sex weddings.  Last fall, a Pew poll put that at 49%.

2. Adam Sandler had a dozen cast members walk off the set of a new movie he’s filming.  Not just because it was a bad movie – they all are lately – but because the cast members were native American and objected to the film’s – satirical – treatment of old western and Indian stereotypes.

3.  Carly Fiorina is calling out Hillary Clinton for playing the gender card – but Fiorina is playing it herself – saying her gender uniquely qualifies her to take that off the table if and when Hillary uses it.

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    Scott Walker should be the next president of the United States. He will get this country back on the right track! But I also like Carly Fiorina, she would be an excellent choice as a running mate for Scott! What a we inning combination that would be!