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Episode #119: Earth Hour, an Homage to North Korea

In this episode, we discuss:

Mobile Command Center made it to Arizona and back; My new favorite Marathon Runner Sticker; The Permian Basin Economy; Earth Hour, an Homage to North Korea; The Barry Manalow Device; CSI: Cyber.

Virginia Update: Governor McMedicaid’s Vetoes; The “Dave Brat” Effect; Being Sued into Existence; John Hinkley, our new Virginia neighbor; Crazy Terry the arbiter of ethics.

Ted Cruz talks about the Constitution; New York starts telling retailers how to schedule workers; Hard Hitting News: Terry McMedicaid for VP; Hillary’s Multiple “First Impressions”; Russian Engineering at its finest: Submarine K-19

Military Update: No women pass the Marine Infantry Officer Course; West Point’s Long Grey Ceiling; Military in the Southwest; Go-Go-Gadget-copter Mailman has a little too much time on his hand.


Remember never let a career get in the way of a good joke,


Dan and Paul


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