Two leading Republicans were asked by talk show host Hugh Hewitt if they would attend a same sex marriage.  One of them, Ted Cruz, who is already a declared candidate for President, would not answer the question.  The other, Rick Santorum, a past and possible future candidate, said he would not attend.  Both complained about the question.  Should those who seek the highest elected office in the land be able to cry “gotcha question” any time they want and skip out answering it?

Also: Coincidentally, A Michigan auto mechanic is advertising a very direct message about who he will or will not serve. If you’re not straight, he wants you to take your business elsewhere. Even Memories Pizza did not go that far. They said they would serve gays but not participate in same sex marriage weddings if asked.  Brian Klawiter went so far as to say if two same sex people come to his shop and appear “overly affectionate” he’ll assume they are gay and not fix their car.  Legally, he’s not compelled to.  But should he?  Is this helpful?  Is there a difference between caterers and cake bakers and florists and wedding chapels who participate in same sex weddings – or opt not to – and a guy who won’t fix your car if you’re not straight?

And – the Free For All!

1. The parents of one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing don’t want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to face the death penalty.

2.  Scott Brown said Hillary Clinton will be elected President.  Why do we suffer these blue state Republicans who feel compelled to say something nice about our political adversaries every time they’re asked?  Who says nice things about the GOP on the left – ever?

3.  Muslim refugees on boats headed from Africa to Italy are throwing Christians overboard.  These are supposedly moderate Muslims trying to escape extremist Muslims called ISIS.  Or are they?

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