LIVE SATURDAY 4/11 10AM EDT. The King Of Outreach, Rand Paul, is making enemies everywhere he goes – well, at least as far as his bedside manner with the media is concerned. Does it matter?  Is his surly disposition with the MSM, including Fox News, which is usually a softball player at best with even the most petulant in the GOP, eclipsing the rest of his messages?  He seems to think it uniquely qualifies him for the nomination and even called out Mitt Romney and John McCain for being wusses with an hostile press.

Yes, we know Bad Santa 2 is “in development” according to IMDB.  Play along with us. Billy Bob Thornton probably still has the part, if he wants it.


Kern County, California Donnie Youngblood is defying the state’s Trust Act, which shields illegal immigrants who report crimes from themselves being deported. The other part of the Trust Act Youngblood thumbs his nose at is where local law enforcement are directed not to hold illegals past their release date – even if ICE wants them held. Is it time for more Sheriff Joes, maybe without the histrionics and pink underwear?

And – the Free For All!

1. It’s a dirty job. Somebody has to do it.  Eric Holder reminds DOJ employees it’s against department rules to solicit prostitutes, even if they are in another country where it’s legal. It’s this bad?

2.  Ben Carson doesn’t want to talk about LGBT issues.  He says they are “personal” and should not be discussed in a public forum like the media, and ostensibly, in politics. Is he serious?

3.  Law enforcement is back in the hot seat.  An amateur video showed a North Carolina officer shooting and killing a fleeing, unarmed black man.  In California, 10 deputies were suspended for beating an identity-theft suspect who fell off a stolen horse.

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