Shoot, we had a busy week again! Check in with us as we tour the country (and the world) and provide some #clarity in the most wonderful month for cannabis!



Lessons in Flexibility

‘Pause for the cause’

‘This Week in Cannabis’

‘Quality Genetics’

Regulate Hashish Like Cannabis

  • Cannabis, we can not defeat mother nature. Nature is always, everywhere, constantly just like time. Instead of people finding the legalities or illegalities of it, why not just see & know the good it brings. Florists, construction workers, builders & creators of everything we buy & sell do by profit.
    Our government is so damn senseless because they see or get profit from finding or making problems through law. Law is governed through attorneys & they know how to play it like music, because they are in charge of the rules of law. I realize there is the past, present & future that makes life what it is, do you?
    There are many good attributes cannabis produces, but did you know that it is proven to stop seizures. Really incredible, we just never know until we try. Be right, do good, stay safe & pay attention, it’s always worth it…