US immigration policy differs from the rest of the world in that it skews toward immigrants with personal connections to others in the country illegally: citizens or other legal immigrants. Most other countries admit immigrants for work related reasons.  The Obama administration is blowing the cover off this by reuniting illegals already in the US with nationals, mostly Central Americans, who will then also be allowed to stay here.  And, for their trouble, they will fly them to the US on the taxpayers’ dime because, after all, those trains traversing Mexico are lacking in creature comforts.


Memories Pizza was forced to temporarily close in the face of threats against the Walkerton, Indiana restaurant because of comments one of its owners made about catering gay weddings in the days that followed the passage of the state’s RFRA.  A gofundme campaign was launched by a Radio and Blaze TV talker.  To everyone’s – or no one’s – surprise, donations blew through the goal of $200,000 and were stopped at more than $842,000.  That’s great, right? Is it?  The crowd funding was started to cover the owners’ losses as long as they closed, now they are talking about plans to remodel, expand and reopen bigger and better than ever. A money man was even dispatched to guide the owners. Is this a leg up or a lottery?

And – the Free For All!

1. Rand Paul is lining up his endorsements and today added former Oklahoma Congressman and and college football quarterback J.C. Watts. Watt left Congress in 2003.  Rand believes Watt’s presence will drum up “new voters.”  Did he mean to draft Houston Texans’ J.C. Watt, who is half Watts age and in the news a lot more?

2.  At a Kenyan University, 148 people were methodically massacred by al-Shabab while the Obama administration is set to again spike the football about its anti-terrorism efforts.

3.  Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson admitted what ousted writer Mickey Kaus accused him of – bad mouthing Fox News is verboten at the Daily Caller. Carlson is also a Fox News contributor.  He prefers to manage the conflict at the DC rather than at Fox and compared his loyalty to how he would support his brother if he were a mass murderer. Really?

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