Twitter picJoin us and our special guest this week, Elly Prizeman!  This week, we will be discussing Elly’s role in #Shirtstorm and #Gamergate’s support of both her and Dr. Matt Taylor.  We’re looking forward to talking about pop culture, modern feminism and what Elly has been up to since #Shirtstorm exploded last year!

Elly Prizeman became a central figure in the #Shirtstorm controversy last fall.  On November 12th 2014, European Space Agency spacecraft Philae achieved the first landing of a spacecraft on a comet in human history and subsequently during Nature Newsteam’s livestream coverage of the landing, Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor was interviewed in a unique Elly Prizeman shirt featuring pretty patterns of scantily clothed female cartoon characters.

You can pick up a shirt like Dr. Taylor’s on Elly’s site here:

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