Rand Paul misses a lot, but he has locked on Hillary Clinton as a target for her overseas fundraising – thinly veiled bribes he calls them. Is Rand in the right place at the right time, because the ranks of Hillary’s palace guards in the mainstream media is thinning fast thanks to her personal email server, and lack of forthrightness about it. Remember how they laughed at the notion the Chinese were trying to buy Bill Clinton back in the 1990s? Good times!


Scott Walker brought the wrath of consultants and pundits down on himself when his campaign accepted the resignation digital strategist Liz Mair after one day on the job.  Mair had tweeted in January that Iowa was an embarrassment to the GOP because of its early caucus and insistence it be treated more important than it is.  Iowa GOP brass became furious and Mair was gone. Was this a show of “amateur hour” on the part of the Walker team, or is discipline, sometimes brutal, a hallmark of a viable campaign?  And, is it a good thing to air this dirty laundry in places like Politico?

And – the Free For All!

1. After resigning Congress, Illinois Republican Aaron Schock now faces an FBI investigation of both improper spending to decorate his DC office and junkets and expenses involving staffers which had no visible means of a connection to business as a U.S. Congressman. Many on the right wanted Schock out of Congress – should he now be prosecuted?

2.  General David Petraeus is awaiting sentencing in connection to use of private email to communicate with his mistress.  Strangely, he seems to still be the Obama administration’s point person on Iran and ISIS. Should he be?

3.  Barack Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting in the U.S.  After all, when has the Constitution ever stopped him?  He cites both the influence of money – the Citizens United decision – and statistics that say non-voters tend to be in lower economic echelons.  Now do you get the picture?

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