glorious pc LIVE WEDNESDAY 3/18 9PM EST.

This week, two “filthy console peasants” (Kate and Bacon Man) might become convinced to join the “Glorious PC Master Race.”  Bacon Man and I have limited experience with PC (Personal Computer) gaming so we’re really excited to get a crash course from our guest this week!

Alex began playing games on the C64 in the mid-80s, then he switched to an Amiga, and now he exclusively games on his PC.  Alex has never owned a console–he is a PC purist! You can find Alex on Twitter where he mainly tweets about gaming, PCs and Bitcoin.

This week, we will be discussing:

  • Steam machines
  • Virtual Reality: will it catch on? Who are the major players?
  • Competitive Esports,
  • Eve Online
  • What makes PC games different or better than console games
  • Why should console gamers should join the PC master race?  What are the advantages of PC gaming?
  • G-SYNC


  • VincentB

    I’m right there with Alex – Fac*B*** is evil. I wasn’t a big fan of Steam early on, but they’ve gotten things working very well at this point.

    Microsoft is adding their own store which will compete with Steam – hence the push on the part of a lot of developers to move to Linux or SteamOS – keep your eye on GLNext.

    As far as porn – I think it will be moot, the support for various platforms will be available before a decent VR porn world.