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GOP exuberance over being on the right side of US/Iran nuclear negotiations faded fast after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrapped up his speech before Congress.  Freshman Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton quickly penned a letter to Iran’s leadership, collecting 46 other GOP Senators as signatories, telling Iran not to expect their deal to last after the Obama administration.  The Democrat narrative machine slammed it as out of line diplomatically, and maybe even legally.  Now even some Republicans are expressing public regret at the tactic, appearing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


American flags and kids these days!  University of California-Irvine student government voted to remove American flags from the campus lobby, decrying them as exclusionary to the minority who see U.S. patriotism as nationalistic and jingoistic.  After public outcry from students, veterans and other groups and alumni, UCI administration struck back and overturned the vote.  Now professors are crying foul and vow to “take back” the university.  Further, they called the effort to keep the flag flying “political immaturity.”

And – the Free For All!

1. Jeb Bush continues to tout his positions as “grown up plans,” particularly amnesty and Common Core.  Is that a backhanded slap at the grassroots?

2.  Two Secret Service agents crashed through a White House security after drinking and ran over a package being investigated as possibly explosive.  Is the Secret Service like the drunk who has yet to bottom out?

3.  Two major universities had incidents where fraternities were seen and heard uttering racial slurs.  The University of Oklahoma threw one frat off campus after a video surfaced.  Now the University of Washington believes a frat there made racist comments and obscene gestures to black students during a February protest march.

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