After a week away on vacation (thanks to Jason D. for filling in for me last week) I am back LIVE tonight to talk about men’s rights. Yes, you read that correctly, men’s rights. Often we hear about women’s rights and to be honest it irritates me to no end that for some reason we have our own rights defined by our lady parts… so why not men?

My guest tonight is Just Lauren B, a well-known men’s rights activist in social media and a modern-day feminist’s worst nightmare; other than a bunny with a chainsaw. All of this plus we’ll talk Ferguson (sigh, I know, but we gotta), Hillary Gate and the 47 Heroes… and of course this week’s top 10 douchebags. Be there! 🙂

Remember, this is the New Media, not the grey-haired Old Media! This is an interactive show, and station. Listed below you will find all you need to interact with others who are listening and myself.

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