LIVE 11PM ET – Remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait to wait for that awesome little guy to blurt out that ‘You’ve Got Mail’? Heck, that was so like 2 years ago! (Or more, I know.) Either way, in our ADD/ADHD society where the wind blows against our pants, we hurriedly check our phone to see if we missed an email. And, if you’re anything like me you can’t wait to get home to take your personal server out for a walk. You don’t want that thing to make a mess do you? And whatever you do, make sure you put it on a leash! You don’t want it to run off and someone else be able to play with it. After all, you’ve got secrets and links to videos only you and your friends can see.

Also, we may need to call a tugboat or something because the question I’m about to ask you gets kind of heavy. Is there a place for the government to dictate marriage, or is it a state issue?