Professor Nick Flor

LIVE WEDNESDAY 3/11 9PM EST. We have so much to discuss with Professor Nick Flor this week! Professor F is well known to anyone who has been following the #GamerGate hashtag on Twitter. He was even nominated for a Shorty Award for his efforts regarding #GamerGate on social media.

Professor Flor is an Associate Professor of Information Systems, Film & Digital Media at the University of New Mexico (UNM). He holds a PhD & Masters in Cognitive Science and a Bachelors in Computer Science—all from the University of California San Diego. Prior to academia he spent a decade at Hewlett Packard as a Software Engineer & Project Leader doing graphics & I/O firmware + drivers. He is a past director of UNM’s Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media program. His current research interests lie in the applications of 3D Virtual Worlds to Education, and is the Director of the Reality Augmented Virtual Environments (RAVE) Lab at UNM.

This week, we will be discussing:

  • Professor F’s review of Dying Light!
  • Tim Schafer and anti-#GamerGate developers
  • Pax East
  • Sockpuppet accounts
  • This Week in #GamerGate


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  • Targa (@astragaal)

    Have to disagree, they (companies) are not cowards to remain neutral, pragmatic is the word I’d use. The cowards are, or idiots if the marketing scheme theory is true, is Lionhead studios and those like them who cow tow, not only do they piss on their customers, but they embolden the mob to do it again and again, they literally encourage attacks on more companies. Lionhead have lost me as a customer, as has EA, as will every company that caves. If the entire industry caves, my back log is big enough to last me the rest of my life and the indie scene will only grow.
    End of the day, there is always Dwarf Fortress, which given its awesome Dwarfness almost renders the rest of the gaming industry redundant. The only thing the entire industry burning down would do, is provide less distractions from Dwarfy goodness.

    Good show, enjoyed, laughed, nodded and face palmed.

  • VincentB

    The problem arises when a company pulls ad funding because the economic value has dropped significantly (as Intel did) then they get tossed into the GamerGate camp whether they wanted to be there or not, which in turn makes them a target – so staying neutral is really only possible if they’re not advertizing on any game review site. I don’t recall any particular drive to boycott the advertisers of the AntiGG sites within the GG community – although we did show a lot of appreciation for companies that did (even when it was a purely financial decision, which I covered at Essentially corporations rarely make decisions about money with out looking at the economics involved.

    In reference to Professor F’s last comment – it has been my sad experience that having a conversation with an ideologue is not actually possible – you can be lectured by, or share similar stories that fit their world view but any attempt to step outside that world view will result in the conversation ending and their anger asserting itself.

    And thanks for the grades on those games – I think you just saved me a bunch of money 🙂