Otherwise known as “Good Democrat, Bad Democrat” or “Bait And Switch.” Hillary Clinton is not going down in flames without a substitute – Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, Elizabeth Warren. If Hillary Clinton has reached a tipping point and can’t be saved by her otherwise dependable lackeys in the MSM, bet they will offer – and just as vigorously shill for – a “reasonable” and electable Democrat.


Could John Boehner ask for better friends than Democrats?  The Hastert Rule is gone.  Democrats appear ready, willing, and able to do what they can to save Boehner from a mutiny from a Tea Party horde.

And – the Free For All!

1. The Feds say they will charge New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez with corruption.  Does it matter?  Is this a payback for stiff-arming the White House on Iran?

2.  The Holder DOJ found no reason to prosecute Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.  Instead, they lobbed out a stinging rebuke of the entire Ferguson police force as racist.

3.  None of the top GOP leaders are joining scores of elected officials who will go to Selma to attend a commemoration of its role in civil rights marches.

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[VIDEO] Tami Jackson Speaks At OR Gun Rally

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