DLC Show

LIVE WEDNESDAY 3/4 9PM EST. #GamerGate’s 6 month anniversary just passed last week and we’re excited to have Daddy Warpig join us this week to discuss!

For some background information about #GamerGate, here are some videos, articles and wikis that provide a clear and concise understanding of the issues behind the hashtag:

A quick explanation of the issues behind #GamerGate

This is a catch-all site with a lot of information about #GamerGate.  This is a brief introduction to what it’s all about.

A thorough review of practices and ethics in video game journalism.

A 13 minute compilation video of the journalistic ethics activities of #GamerGate.

A decent list of many of the parties involved in #GamerGate.

Listen to the show and live-tweet with the hashtag #DLCshow.