Gather ’round this here internet device and sing with me

Everything is Awesome
Everything is great in the G.O.P
Everything is Awesome
When you have the majority

Is it now?

If i had a bar of soap for every time in just 4 months the Republicans proved to be spineless cowards, I could fill a pillow case. Reason #4,080 to #DefundtheGOP will be discussed tonight after the smorgasboard of suck that has been this week.

The only thing possibly worse than a room full of politicans is a room full of self important hypocritical Hollywood actors and actresses congratulating themselves on how awesome they are. The Oscars were this past weekend and pretend they dont matter all you want, but it was highly political and if you don’t pay attention to culture, you are making a mistake. I explain.

I am happy to say that the Politibunny herself is a friend of mine. I want to give you my take on social media bullies and trolls. and the cowards who hide behind a keyboard. What has been done to her and others by so called “people on the same side” is disgusting. A personal story involving my radio family so to say.

We celebrate a special birthday, plus the Asshat of the Week and more on this weeks According To Me.