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Like it or not its time to take the fight to ISIS or ISIL or whatever they called this week right?

Wrong. And I explain.

Plus you will never guess what the Climate Change alarmists finally admitted what this whole Climate Chaos scare tactic is really all about. Can’t wait to tell you this.

A quick update on Net Neutrality, a new song with Mike Tyson and this weeks Asshat of The Week.

Join me to be informed, entertained and possibly offended.

Remember, this is the New Media, not the grey-haired Old Media! This is an interactive show, and station. We talk with you not at you whether that is on twitter or in the chatroom where you can chat with me and other listeners.

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The 4 hour Polititainment hour begins at 8pm we are on at 10 pm (est)
• 8:00 pm: According To Me Show w/ Jason DeWilkins
• 9:00 pm: Unapologetically Bunny w/ Sam Janney
• 10:00 pm Real Serious Nonsense w/ Angie & Clay Mells
• 11:00pm: The Stafford Voice w/ Daniel Stafford