E.L. James’ 2011 novel Fifty Shades Of Grey comes to the screen Valentine’s weekend.  The critical acclaim for the movie is as dismal as it was for the book, which was actually a series of three.  Now as then, ferocious backlash from (mainly right of center) culture institutions has revved up the outrage and boycott machine. Many on the right who trashed American Sniper based only on the trailer are doing the same with Fifty Shades Of Grey. Is that justified?


Scott Walker left Marquette University needing 34 credits to graduate to take a full time job with the American Red cross.  Thirteen elections later, all but two of which he won, the rest is history. Coupled with his refusal to answer a question about evolution, the mainstream media is taking the occasion of the (old) story about his lack of a four year degree to discredit him. Beyond that, will some on the right cut and run on Walker to either appease the left or consider it a fight they can’t win?  Plenty of history says they may.

And – the Free For All!

1. Kayla Mueller, who was killed while a captive of ISIS, was a known anti-Israel activist who backed Palestinians in their resistance to Israel. Some in right wing media have played that up to suggest she was a less than sympathetic figure.  Is that helpful?

2.  Rand Paul wants Kentucky’s election laws changed to both move up its primary and allow him to run concurrently for Senate and the Presidency.  How does the champion of more accountable and smaller government square with tilting election laws to benefit an incumbent, namely him?

3.  Oregon at last dumps its corrupt Governor who steered green energy money to his mistress who was connected to eventual state government contractors.  Now it has a self-described bisexual governor, Kate Brown, who, at least has a husband.

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