It’s Thursday y’all and I’m actually prepared this week – I know, shocking. Tonight we’re talking with Ash and Daddy Warpig of the #GamerGate movement… if you’re like me you’ve heard of it but still trying to figure out what it means and why it’s significant. I have seen so many angry feminists (aka hyenas) screeching at these people so I know there is a reason I should support them. And you should too.

Will also spend some time talking about Monica, a strong, conservative lady who I have known on Twitter for two years, she was one of the first people I followed, and she passed away suddenly a few days back. We will honor her contributions to the movement because that’s what we do.

Not to mention we’ll go over the Top 10 Douchebags of the week and other bunny goodness. Be there, it’s not like football is on any more. 😉

The 4 hour Polititainment hour begins at 8pm est
• 8:00 pm: According To Me Show w/ Jason DeWilkins
• 9:00 pm: Unapologetically Bunny w/ Sam Janney
• 10:00 pm Real Serious Nonsense w/ Angie & Clay Mells
• 11:00pm: The Stafford Voice w/ Daniel Stafford