The Internet.

For many it has become a necessity. You could not read this description without it. You could not listen to the show without it. You couldn’t watch YouTube videos of Pewty Pie playing video games without it.Heck, Pewty Pie as you know it wouldn’t exist without the internet (let’s visit that one.)

Net Neutrality impacts everybody. February 26th is the day the FCC rules on this. Because it involves the government, the right is against it. Because it involves the government, the left loves it. Should the internet be a utility? It’s time to discuss this and lay this out for you. I will give you the story as I see it and give you my opinion on it as well. You need to know this.



We have another Ferguson in the works in regards to Race, and it involves Little League Baseball. Don’t dismiss this is a sports story, the usual race baiting suspects are involved. Don’t know the story on this yet? I fill you in.

Plus a very very special “artist” we highlight as this weeks Asshat of the Week.

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