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Katie Couric is toned, tanned, rested and ready to take Brian Williams job as anchor at NBC News, according to gossip columns. To believe management, Williams isn’t going anywhere.  Well, we got the “standing behind him 100%” memo anyway.  If Katie Couric has any designs on reinventing herself, the timing could not be better.  Williams is being dogged by telling multiple lies about several stories he covered. Can’t think of a more perfect storm to dredge her up from Yahoo or AOL or Compuserve or wherever she’s languishing.


Barack Obama dug the hold deeper when it comes to Americans distrust of his command of the war on terror.  Obama pointed to the Crusades over ten centuries ago as some sick justification  for not judging ISIS – which is interesting since his line to this point has been that ISIS does not represent any religion.  “Christians did terrible things, too,” he chided. Now he invokes ancient Christian holy wars as a metaphor for ISIS. And what is Strategic Patience? Waiting until Egypt, Libya, northern Iraq, much of Syria and all of Yemen fall?

And – the Free For All!

1. The consultant class cools to Scott Walker.  The New York Times is ripping him out of the gate.  Does this mean he’s doing something right?

2.  Fox’s hip-hop drama “Empire” has broken 23 year old ratings records for growing an audience size. Will the whitey channel want more where this came from?

3.  In Armenia, a woman and her husband from New Zealand had a newborn son – with Down Syndrome.  In that country, you don’t have to keep a baby under those circumstances.  He wanted to keep the baby.  She did not.  She filed for divorce and he sought to raise the money via crowd funding to take the baby back to New Zealand.

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