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Mitt Romney ended speculation – seemingly falsely ginned up by him – that he would again run for President in 2016.  On Friday he released a statement saying no, he would not, and expressing hope a fresh face would emerge.  How fresh is Jeb Bush? It’s been reported that Mitt’s donors were being co-opted by Jeb’s campaign.  Mitt felt there would only be room for one of them, and it would not be him.


The State Department’s Jen Psaki refused to call the Taliban attack that left three Americans dead ‘terrorism.’ It’s a predictable, if still infuriating response.  How do you fight an enemy if you refuse to call them what they really are?

And – the Free For All!

1. Michelle Obama gives a shout out to American Sniper.  Unlike the rest of her liberal ilk – she actually watched it – and liked it.

2.  Newly re-elected Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber admitted he hid income from a consulting project awarded his common-law wife in a financial disclosure form to the state’s ethics commission.  Is there any price for lying?

3.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell got ripped when he was asked by a CNN reporter if the Patriots paying the NFL and the NFL paying investigators a conflict of interest in Deflate-gate.  Goodell’s response was, “Investigators don’t work for free and somebody had to pay for it.” Was that so bad?

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