I watched Gladiator last night and besides being blown away by how in shape Russell Crowe was I couldn’t help but see similarities between their vision of Rome then and the US today. Whacked out, egocentric leader (hello Obama), an out-of-touch Senate, people clamoring for blood-thirsty entertainment (American Idol? The Voice?).

We are Rome. Well sorta, we need a cool soundtrack and some way better looking gladiators but still… Rome. And what is the GOP doing? Nothing. We handed them the Senate and what do they do? Nothing.

There is a serious problem within the Grand Old Fogey Party – messaging, ideas, taking action – and we need to figure out how to fix it. My guest tonight is Jake McClain, an actor based out of Atlanta, GA for ten years with a passion for politics and questioning the status quo of the political landscape.

In March of 2013, he created a twitter trend called “Tweet Obamacare”, which entailed tweeting every word of the controversial bill to the masses, after he remembered Nancy Pelosi saying “we have to read the bill to pass it”. “Tweet Obamacare” and Jake McClain would make it on TV and radio in interviews with Neil Cavuto, Mike Huckabee, Janine Turner, and others.

Now McClain has come up with a new idea called “Right Track”. “Right Track” is the idea that the Republican party has become antiquated and archaic in a new world, and it needs a younger and fresher approach. Find out what his approach is, what I think about it and who our top 10 dbags of the week are, tonight. 🙂

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