“Castro puts the ‘dick’ in ‘dictatorship,'” said GloZell Green, YouTuber and one of three to interview Barack Obama after his otherwise unremarkable SOTU address. Bibi Netanyahu can’t use the front door of the White House.  He can’t use the back door.  He can’t use any door, because he’s not welcome when he comes to the U.S. in March at John Boehner’s invitation.  Yemen is burning.  The King of Saudi Arabia is dead.   Obama has more important things to do – talk with a woman who fills a bathtub with cereal and milk, strips to her underwear, and hops in to eat it.


D’ya think Jeb Bush had GloZell Green in mind when he committed to “adult conversations” in 2016?  Is Jeb as big a pompous ass as GloZell is a whack job?  He also attacked “hard-core ideology.”  Is he talking about the underage sex ring of Jeffrey Epstein’s Bill Clinton is alleged to have participated in? If not, what’s John Boehner’s “hard-core ideology?”  What’s Mitch McConnell’s “hard-core ideology?” Well, at least we learned Jeb Bush drives a car even if Hillary Clinton doesn’t. That ought to cinch it for him in 2016, no? It’s Iowa Rush Weekend and we’ll talk about that.

And – the Free For All!

1. Former NFL players are livid about “Deflate-gate.”  Is the real issue athletes who play at the highest level of their game and Americans hate cheaters and cheating?

2.  Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, an elected official, a Democrat and a black, tells Al Sharpton to get back in the gutter. Is Clarke uniquely qualified to tell off Sharpton?

3.  Rand Paul hires a neo-Southern Avenger blogger who says Edward Snowden should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize and compared him to Martin Luther King, Junior. Why does Rand Paul attract these people?

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